How to Prevent Dry Socket While Smoking After Tooth Extraction

how to prevent dry socket while smoking

Most of the people always asking and remain confused about whether they can burn or not after the removal of a tooth. So, here we will discuss this topic.

Well, the simple answer is “no” because of the following reasons, which cause critical effects on the dry socket.

Dry Socket:

When a patient removes a tooth, due to any reason, it causes bleeding, and it takes hours to convert into a clot. When that clot synthesized, it protects the bone and nerves from exposed, and at the same time, it is susceptible and can suffer again due to any disturbance with it. So, you should take care of that socket to prevent it from infection. Any kind of mistake can be very harmful to your dry-socket. Bad smell and swallowing can be symptoms to recognize it. 

Tooth Extraction:

A person of any age can face some critical situations in which the ultimate solution to that issue is tooth removal. So, it is not bound to the factor of limitation of age. Tooth Extraction, in reality, more common in the case of smokers. As bacteria can grow at the place where it finds some space.

Wisdom teeth space has more chances for the spread of bacteria as the cleanness is difficult in the corners of the mouth. Smokers can face the problem of tooth extract when the bacteria overgrow and effects badly on teeth.

Dry Socket Sometimes More Painful Than a Tooth Extraction:

To avoid unpleasant aftereffects of tooth removal, you have to adopt these precautions:

  • Don’t use a straw for drinking purpose
  • Don’t smoke after the procedure of tooth extraction
  • Maintain proper oral hygiene to prevent infection

Smoke After Tooth Extraction:

Smokers need to do smoking after the removal of a tooth to feeling relax; that’s why he tried to drag. Immediately smoking, after tooth extract can be hazardous. As, it can affect dry socket and disturb the nerves, which cause bad smell from mouth and swallow the face, that’s why there is a need to prevent dry socket while smoking. Smokers should have to tackle that situation with patience and wait until the difficult time has passed.

Smoke contains the nicotine and other particles, which can cause the growth of bacteria in the mouth again and disturb the healing.  Sometimes tooth extraction can cause different complications in which the Dizziness, High blood pressure, Slower healing process, Dry socket, and Risk of getting an infection.

Smoking Without Getting Dry Socket:

Most of the people get dry socket when they smoke after tooth removal. There are very few people who don’t smoke and still dry socket developed with them. 

Your blood clot can be disturbed by rapid inhalation or smoking. Well, it applies to all kinds of tobacco, not only through cigarettes. It is because chemicals present in smoke can prevent the healing process and cause inflation.

You can consult your dentist for guidance to quit smoking. After all possible techniques, if you still cannot resist yourself smoking, try the following tips that may help you to reduce the risks of dry socket:

  • Try nicotine patch to quit smoking
  • Discuss your consultant for stitches on your surgery part.
  • At least wait for two to three days after surgery to again smoking.
  • Don’t try to chew nicotine gum or tobacco after surgery.
  • While smoking, keep gauze over your socket.
  • Indulge yourself with some new activities to quit smoking.
  • Ask your consultant about when you can start smoking if you want to resume tobacco after surgery.

Try to quit smoking:

If you want to quit smoking, then there are different methods for nicotine replacement therapy which you can adopt and proves to be very beneficial in the long run, such as:

  • Patch
  • Gum
  • Nasal spray
  • Inhalers
  • Lozenges

Don’t try to chew nicotine gum or tobacco after surgery:

If you have done the operation of tooth removal, then try to avoid chew nicotine gum immediately after surgery to quit smoking. If you do so, then it may also result in the dry socket.

Prevent Dry Socket while smoking:

If you are not smoking, then you still get the dry socket after the removal of teeth. Immediately consult with your consultant. Maybe the gauze pad placed over the surgical area. After that time, the gauze pad should be removed or discarded.

If you are moving around a lot before comfort, leave the gauze in until home and rested for about 10 minutes if possible. Bound your activities on the day of surgery and resume regular tasks when you feel comfortable.

Indulge yourself with some new activities to quit smoking:

If you are trying to quit smoking and the gum did not prove enough beneficial, then keep busy yourself in some activities so that your mind intentions divert to that activity, and all your focus will be on that part. If your interest is also build-up in that task, then you will forget that you are doing that action, not just to quit smoking.

Take Care after Tooth Extraction:

You have to take care of the hollow space of tooth extraction, and for that purpose, you can adapt these instructions due to which the wound healed fully within a week.  You should gently brush your teeth and drink lots of fluids rather than a solid diet. Moreover, You should clean your mouth with salty water at least one time in a day.


In the last, I conclude that you should not have to smoke after tooth extraction, but if you still want to do smoking, then you have to wait until the completion of the healing process to prevent dry socket.


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