How to Properly Store Whiskey Collection!

how to store whiskey

Drinking lover always keeps enough collection of whiskey, so that they can acquire it in an emergency or the hour of need. Proper storing is vital for preserving the whiskey’s quality. As whiskey spreading rapidly, it has become increasingly important to store your bottles properly.

Whether preserving the boxes, labels, and, most importantly, liquid in the bottle is crucial. The method and conditions of storing will inevitably affect the taste, aroma, and character of each bottle of whiskey.

Storing Whiskey for Long Term:

A basement is a place to keep your special-occasion bottles or those who are saving for future sales. Store the whiskey carefully to avoid rips, scuffs, and dents to labels, boxes, and closures. You may keep bottles packed in cartons or cases from the liquor store. To maintain the stuff of your whiskey, place them in a dark area of your home that not directly exposed to sunlight.

Directly exposure to sunlight will stuff out the life of whiskey due to a chemical reaction in the alcohol’s volatile bonds, affecting the sublime salts. In other words, exposure to sunlight will alter the tasty flavors of your bottle, creating a stale taste. Long-term exposure to the sun affects the color and accelerates the evaporation of alcohol.

Keep It Away of Direct Sunlight:

Sunlight is the biggest slayer of whiskey. Enough of it over a long period will degrade the flavors, throwing off the delicate balance of your expensive whiskey. Moreover, sunlight affects the temperature, which can destabilize the spirit. Dark and chill spaces are optimal.

UV rays not only fades the color of that beautiful mahogany beverage, but it also breaks down compounds present in the whiskey, causing it to turn into a stale. Unlike beer, which is kept in the dark bottles to protect the beverage from expelling, whiskey usually comes in clear glass, so the liquor is helpless against the destructive rays of the sun.

Keep the Bottles Chill:

An essential tip to maintaining the collection is to control the environment in which the bottles stores. Bottles should keep in a chill place, with a stable, non-extreme temperature. The ideal temperature for storing whiskey is between 59°F to 68°F. Do not allow the heat to fluctuate above the range of 3-4 degrees.  Constant fluctuations in room temperature can cause oxygen to flow into the bottle, which can ruin the whiskey.

Fluctuating temperature can cause the beverage in the bottle to expand, which damage the cork and stopper, while humidity effects on the outer surface, which can damage the labels and boxes. Never store whiskey in your freezer for a long time; it will dull the flavors. It is better to use an ice cube if you want your beverage to be chilled.

Stand Bottle Upright:

Wine is stored horizontally, but in case of whiskey, they should stand up straight. The concern in both cases is cork. Storing wine on its side means the liquor stays consistently in touch with the cork, keeping the lid moist, so it does not dry out and crack. Keeping the cork immersed in a high-ABV spirit will make it shatter. This situation quickly averts by keeping your bottles upright in storage.  The higher proof of whiskey, on the other hand, will degrade the cork over time if it tips over.

Keep the Cork Moist:

When the bottle seal, minor evaporation still takes place, which is beneficial to the cork, keeping it wet. Although it is crucial to prevent the constant touch of the cork to the alcohol, there is a trick that keeps moistening the cork. Some corks have such bad quality that you do nothing, and it will break down anyway.

Therefore, it is better to keep the corks of used bottles. Even whiskey should stand at attention, and it is a good idea to keep the corks moist. Tilt your beverage horizontally two to three times a year so that the liquid soaks the cork, then restore the bottles to their upright position. This method keeps the cork “fresh” and oxidation at a minimum. Whiskey that stored in a vertical position protects whiskey and cork.


In the last, To maintain the flavor and color of whiskey, it is best to store it in a chill, dark area, like a wine cellar, cupboard. The clue is to keep it away from direct exposure to sunlight and changes in temperature. Keep your bottle upright, so the whiskey does not soak the cork and cause it to break down.


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