Why Vaping Causes Headache & How to Remedy It!

vaping headache

Inhaling vapors produced either from the e-liquid or dry herb that can result in headaches due to multiple reasons. Different elements of e-cigarettes, be it e-liquid or PG and VG ratio, can invoke the problem and how to cure it. Vegetable glycerin (VG) produces luscious clouds of vapors, and it also transmits a sweeter taste to your liquid. While, Propylene Glycol (PG) is a much thinner tasteless liquid, and it hit the throat more than VG does, which affects the feel of smoking better.

It is essential to understand that although vaping does not cause any harm to the health of a vaper, it does have some side effects. None of these side effects are dangerous or detrimental, like smoking tobacco cigarettes — the most common side effect of vaping reported to be a headache.

Beneficial Vaping to Health:

Contrary to the wrong notion that e-cigarettes are more harmful than cigarettes, the use of vapors can avail to stop smokers from inhaling toxic tobacco smoke. Now, there are alternatives for nicotine intake; one can easily choose between nicotine patches, gum, or lozenges, and lastly, e-cigarettes that fulfill both the need to have nicotine and exhale clouds of smoke from within.

Factors of Vaping Headache:

An e-cigarette, as mentioned above, is not harmful but can have multiple side-effects owing to miscalculations of quantity.mIncluding nausea, palpitations, dry-mouth, vaping also causes headaches. Ratio, components, or frequency may be different from person to person, brand to brand, quantity to quantity, but the guidelines are there for every vapor out there to pay heed to and then use e-cigarettes. Some of them face this problem shortly while some after they vape.


Ever notice that when you vape, you feel your mouth dry. It is because of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG), these two key base components are almost in every vape juice, have dehydrating properties that sucks up the moisture. As well as leading to a dry or sore throat, this kind of dehydration can make you feel dizzy or like that and give mild or severe headaches.

Keep drinking an abundance of fluids when you feel the dehydration. Gradually, keep drinking and taking small sips of drink regularly. You should have to take excessive amounts of liquid if you are vaping, and also, you have to keep drinking all day. So, your pee is pale clear in color.


Nicotine can cause headaches, whether it delivers through combustible cigarettes or e-cigarettes. It is more poisonous than cyanide, and it should always consume with caution. Though very rare for a user to reach the level of nicotine poisoning, it is still good to be aware of the possibility. The blood vessels in your body become narrow slightly due to chemicals, which reduces the blood flow to your brain and can provoke a headache.

Some vapers are former smokers, so there is a high probability that you are used to nicotine. But there is some slight difference between how nicotine delivers into your body with e-cigarettes and regular tobacco cigarettes. If you just switched from a flammable tobacco product to e-cigarettes, it may be due to using too much nicotine.

There are two fundamental causes of this kind of nicotine overload. The nicotine intensity of your e-liquid may be too high, or with your new-found vaping freedom, you may be utilizing your vape too consistently.

Make sure your nicotine strength is at the level that is best for you and prevent yourself from utilizing your vape consistently by keeping it out of reach or only using it in certain places, like in the kitchen or outside.

Some of the reasons for these headaches include:

  • When you are a beginner or when you do not manage the Nicotine level, or it is too high, it causes problems.
  • E-liquids contain propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, and when the ratio does not mix severely to the need, it might result in a headache.
  • Many people are allergic or sensitive to propylene glycol, which can cause problems as well as vegetable glycerin.
  • Although Nicotine poisoning occasionally, causes blood vessels to narrow and can cause blistering headaches to vapors.
  • Another cause of vaping headache is the duration of the puffs one takes while vaping. It is evident that when used in high quantity, the sessions can cause trouble.

Get Rid of Vaping Headache:

If you are suffering from vaping headaches, make sure to use these methods individually to understand the root cause of your problem. It is always beneficial to know the side effects of vaping so that you do not have any confusion about its impact on your health. Some of the most popular ways to get rid of vaping headaches are:

  • If you are a beginner, use e-liquids in minimal quantity to make sure that the nicotine level is not too high, and if you are a regular vapor, use a variation of e-liquids to figure out if the level of headaches drops down.
  • Reduce the quantity of nicotine you use in your vape.
  • Consider using a liquid that still has great flavor, but maybe less moreish.
  • The compound propylene glycol has dehydrating characteristics that can dry your mouth when you vape, so make sure you have water close to avoid it.
  • Using e-liquids with more vegetable glycerin means less propylene glycol, which is another method to avoid the headache.
  • Try shifting from one e-liquid brand to another to make sure there are no headaches anymore.
  • Depending on setup also, if you have a type that allows the altering settings like wattage and voltage, alter them to slightly less power, which will create fewer vapors to inhale.
  • If your headache persists, make an appointment with your physician to reach a more authentic conclusion.


In the last, it concludes that headaches are the most common side effect reported as being associated with vaping. Another cause for the problems could be propylene glycol, which is a synthetic organic compound found in most of the e-liquids. Propylene Glycol (PG) has a dehydrating effect, ratio, and frequency of vaping can also lead to headaches.


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